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Ethan Fiks, inventor of the MusicStart® Learning System and president of the Music Path Company, graduated with honors in 1993 from Brown University. He is a co-founder of the Music Path Company. He has played the guitar since the age of 8 and taught music since high school. He has published books with the major music publishers. As a precursor to this product, Ethan wrote a beginning guitar method for use with individually colored strings from the Rainbow String Company. It was a job teaching five year-olds in an after school program to play the recorder, and seeing its shortcomings, that inspired the creation of the MusicStart® Learning System.

Peter Sippach, co-inventor of the MusicStart® Learning System and product development head of the Music Path Company, is skilled in machining, woodworking, automobile mechanics, guitar, and electronics. He is a co-founder of the Music Path Company. He was key in bringing the prototypes to life, and giving constructive criticism. He is meant for this task, the son of a high-end chip designer and a former Juilliard piano professor.

David Amels, circuit designer, is a mastermind in music electronics, having worked on numerous electronic musical instruments and sound-producing toys. He designed our circuit to do exactly what we asked. Among other ventures, he is a partner in two musical instrument companies, Voce and Bomb Factory.

Kenneth Chaya, graphic designer, worked for many years for Reader's Digest before going out on his own as a freelancer. He plays guitar, and his musical interests have led him to design many album covers. He is responsible for bringing great visual appeal to our Attachments and sheet music.