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The MusicStart® Learning System: FAQ

Who is the MusicStart® Learning System geared towards?
Boys and girls ages 5 to 9. Because the MusicStart® Learning System involves a progressive learning system, it is appropriate for anyone seeking an initial exposure to playing music, and can encompass different levels of challenge from color matching to reading standard musical notation. Since it is usually as a child that one is first introduced to the enjoyment of music, this product is especially geared toward kids. It is a "stepping stone" instrument.

How does it work?
The MusicStart® Keyboard keeps one foot firmly in tradition yet also steps into a new approach. While most resembling a piano keyboard, and thereby maintaining a somewhat familiar look, the Keyboard also has a unique and exciting appearance and functionality. The four included Attachments (and possibly more to come - including specific song Attachments) are the crux of the progressive learning system: As a user learns a song, he or she goes through the four Attachments, Velcro-ed over the note keys one-by-one, which act as helpers in playing the notes, until those helpers are no longer needed because the tune has been mastered. This process was inspired by the tendency of children to tape note names on the piano keyboard in an effort to learn a song, capitalizing on children's instincts and harnessing them into a more worthwhile method. For more info click on MusicStart® Learning Method.

What is the retail price?
$64.95 + $5.00 shipping & handling per MusicStart® Keyboard mail ordered. Click here to order. This price includes the keyboard, and 4 Attachments, plus there is FREE printable sheet music.

Who will buy it?
The MusicStart® Learning System appeals to both parents and children. Parents will buy the MusicStart® Keyboard for their kids when they take a MusicStart® class. This instrument is designed to be to be what children try in advance of starting music lessons on a traditional instrument in the near future. As such, it competes with the recorder, little xylophones, and simple keyboards, and surpasses them by giving the budding player more intrinsic guidance and less frilly distractions. The MusicStart® Learning System is perfect for use in the classroom by music and/or general teachers.

Haven't I seen color-coding on other musical toys?

Yes, because it is a logical approach to giving the player some instant gratification as he or she tries to play a tune. However, no other color-coding system in existence (as far as our research indicates) goes the next step(s) by correlating, both visually and procedurally, the optional color matching stage with reading real notation as part of a learning methodology.

What else makes it unique?
Each physical part of the instrument relates to a certain musical concept, and many are labeled as such.

Has the MusicStart® Learning System been publicized yet?
Yes, the instrument was considered innovative enough to be the subject of a Reuters video news story shot on location in Tenafly, NJ (the workshop), New York City (the teaching studio), and Anaheim, CA (the NAMM trade show). The news story aired worldwide in April 2001.

When did the product become available to the public?
Summer 2005.